The good news is an updated version of IM+, version 1.7, has just gone live in the Marketplace. The bad news is this is not the Mango-updated version, despite earlier reports from SHAPE Services themselves on the matter.

So what is new?

  • Fast start, scrolling and contact searching;
  • New Yahoo features: "Show address book contacts" and "Logout from all location".

"Fast start" sounds a bit promising and indeed, the app does start and load a tad faster, though we can't help but imagine a Mango version would, you know feel even better (plus that fast-app resume is desperately needed). The contact searching feature is also a great option and scrolling seems a bit smoother to us as well.

We'll reach out to SHAPE Services and see what they have to say about the missing-Mango version. Grab the Pro version here in the Marketplace.