The app 'I'm a WP7!' (see AppSpotlight) is certainly one of the more unique programs available to Windows Phone. It's a social network created by and for Windows Phone users, a way to share tips, communicate and even know who's around you with a similar phone.  On top of that, it's one heck of a polished app--excellent Metro layout, smooth scrolling, beautiful dialog boxes and all sorts of options.

Version 2.5 just came out today and it's a pretty major one--so major that we felt the need to do this post. For those of you who use the app, you should be getting notified about the update. For those who have never used it: we strongly encourage you to give it a spin. It's free and has zero ads--what's not to love about that?

Here are the new changes:

  • Push Notifications for messages
  • Individual status and status updates
  • GamerTag/Avatar integration
  • MAJOR Search and Map enhancements
  • Windows Phone Tips & Tricks
  • Latest Windows Phone News
  • Member Apps
  • More statistics
  • More themes, including a new "Mango" theme

The GamerTag/Avatar integration is great as it gives your ID some personality. The options to share (or not share) your location, device info, etc. will give those who are shy some reprieve as you can choose how much (or little) to share with others.

What can we say--we love the design and operation. If you dig Windows Phone, this is a great app for building up the community and being a part of something. The app is free, in the top Top 20 of social network apps and just a great example of ingenuity on our platform. Oh and the developer has graciously integrated our RSS feed for the Windows Phone news, meaning you have yet another easy way to stay on top of the latest info out there. Huzzah!

Give it a go here in the Marketplace and join the party!