The app ...I'm a WP7 is one of those quite impressive offerings that many over look (though not too many as it's constantly #3 is the top free social apps). The program has just been updated to v3.1 making it the second Mango update to the given in the week. While v2.5 was quite an overhaul, we were pleased to see where 3.x has started to go and how it continues to improve. New features in v3.1 are the following:

  • Multiple Live Tiles
  • Hub Start screen
  • Member forums
  • Easter Eggs (hint: there's a ringtone)
  • Badge integration
  • User statistics
  • Twitter status integration
  • Save favorites
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

The forums are an interesting twist that are actually kind of fun (and a great way to anonymously discuss Windows Phone news) and the new layout and options are much welcomed. Plus with the fast-app resume and live tiles, you get a little more pizazz going on. We've also managed to learn about some new features coming very soon: 

  • GamerHub will, among other things, allow users to set up “meetups” where other users around the world can see them and join in, and help other Xbox users achieve goals, or just have fun
  • Extras area will Wallpapers/Ringtones, etc. updated constantly

Of course the app is free and even more importantly, ad free (and we're told always will be). If for nothing else, the app is just worth looking at as it's some nice programming skills. Microsoft should think about including this on every device, just our thoughts. Pick up the app here in the Marketplace.