New images of what looks to be an unidentified Nokia phone have shown up on the web today. Not much is known about the device revealed in these photos, except that they are of a Nokia phone running Windows Phone 8 at 800x480 resolution. The device lacks the famed polycarbonate body of the high Lumia 9xx series and that resolution makes this a mid-range device, at best.

The images were leaked on Twitter to MyNokia Blog with the device name “Juggernaut Semaphone” listed and an older build of Windows Phone 8 (9848). The name Juggernaut has popped up before on various speed tests and other heuristics collected by app developers, lending credence to the images. Then again, that phone was referred to as 'Juggernaut Alpha', which may or may not be the same device.

What is also not known is the status of this device i.e. is it an old prototype, cancelled or something to be revealed at CES in January (and don't forget about our contest)?

The old Windows flag button mayor may not mean something, though we don’t put too much weight on that signifying anything. We’ve seen Windows Phone 8 prototypes use the old flag before, possibly to disguise the phone in public.

Those hoping for Juggernaut to be the top end, new flagship phone for Nokia might be disappointed, as this phone is not it. But we’re sure Nokia already has a roadmap with other devices planned for the future and a new wow-worthy device is bound to be revealed sometime in 2013.

Source: MyNokia Blog, @coolRaffy; via Engadget