Publisher Game Troopers has released an update for its free-to-play real-time strategy MMO game Imperia Online. The update gives players of the Windows Phone and Windows 10 PC and Mobile game some new buttons and animated flags to the game's map, among other new features.

Here's what people can expect when they download the new version:

  • New, more intuitive Global Map buttons.
  • Animated Missions Flags on the Global Map.
  • Ability to send Court Member away.
  • Barbarian Camps Generals now have their own avatars.
  • Complete and comprehensive Tech Tree.
  • Redrawn buildings.
  • civil ones are now clearly differentiated from the military ones
  • Earliest Mission Complete Timers.
  • Built-in Global Game Calendar

In addition to those new features and changes, the mobile version of Imperia Online has now been optimized, giving players a smaller 70MB download.

Download Imperia Online from the Windows Store

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