Imperia Online

Imperia Online, the recently released free-to-play online real-time strategy game from publisher Game Troopers, has an update with a Halloween theme. People who download the update will see much of the game's art changed to support a spooky good time.

The changes are not all cosmetic. Game Troopers says:

"Our legal department advised us to not reveal this feature because the programmer that made it is still in shock, but I have to tell you: there is a new World Boss that will render you helpless with fear. But not everything in this update will horrify you. We have included a new special event for Halloween. In that event you have to fight as many independent cities and barbarian camps as possible. Top players will receive a special gift chest! And we promise that the loot won't be a bag full of candies."

What do you think of Imperia Online joining in to celebrate Halloween in their own way? Please let us know in the comments!

Download Imperia Online for Windows Phone 8.1

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