Impossible Mountain is a Windows Phone game that has you playing the role of Gruff McDuff, a skilled mountain climber and aspiring treasure hunter. Your mission, scale the mountain as high as you can and collect as many jewels as possible along the way.

Oh sure, there are dangers to make the trip interesting but you're Gruff McDuff. What's a few dangers?

Dangers come in the form of stalagtites, icy patches, bats, ice climbers and thunderbirds. As you climb, you have the ability to jump from one side of the crevice to the other to avoid dangerous obstacles, collect jewels and take out monsters that are looking to knock you off the mountain face.

Impossible Mountain has a few bonus items to help you along the way and an Upgrade Shop that appears at various points on the mountain's side. Bonus items include an ice shield to protect you as you climb and if you take out three monsters of the same type in a row, you get a hot air balloon ride. You steer the balloon by tilting your Windows Phone from side to side. You're immune to attack while in the balloon so take advantage of things and collect as many jewels as possible.

Your score is based on how high you climb and your jewels count as loot to use in the stores. Scores can be submitted to an online leader board for bragging rights.

All in all, Impossible Mountain is a fun game to pass the time with. Graphics are well presented and the challenge hard enough to keep you interested but not too hard to get your frustrated.  Impossible Mountain is a fast pace, entertaining game well worth a try.

Impossible Mountain is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.