We first mentioned Impossible Shoota when it first hit the Marketplace and have spent a little time with the Windows Phone 7 game. If you're looking for a fast paced, addictive, entertaining game Impossible Shoota will fit the bill.

The story line has you in the role of the elite pilot Starboxer. Your are the last survivor of your race and on your last mission to take out as many Sho-dan (the bad guys) ships as possible.  And they throw a lot of ships your way.

Follow the break to read more on Impossible Shoota and to catch a video of the Windows Phone game in action.


Game play is simple. You manuever your ship around an on-slaught of enemy ships blasting them from the screen. Your ship is constantly firing and you move your ship side to side by tilting the Windows Phone from side to side. Tapping the screen will teleport your ship to another position on the screen.

As you destroy more ships, you advance through the games levels. While not integrated with Xbox Live, you don have an online listing of high scores. Impossible Shoota reminds me of the classic arcade game Galaga on steroids. Enemy ships don't shoot back but they will try to ram you, destroying your ship.  The further you advance, the faster the pace.

Impossible Shoota ran smooth and is an entertaining way to pass the time with. It's available over at the Marketplace as a free app and is a must have.

You can find your copy of Impossible Shoota here (opens your Zune desktop).