Yesterday we reported that the Lumia Denim update was due by the end of the month for those in India. So far, only the Lumia 520 has received the update in that country, with a broad swath of Lumia phones still waiting for the OS upgrade.

Today, Microsoft has gone and refreshed their update page with new additions to the Lumia Denim software release. Seeing as we are not in India at this time, we cannot confirm if the update is rolling out, but if not, it should be coming very soon.

The Lumia phones now eligible for Lumia Denim include:

  • Lumia 525 
  • Lumia 535 (dual SIM) 
  • Lumia 620 
  • Lumia 720 

Notably absent are the higher range phones like the Lumia 730, Lumia 830*, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520. However, we have confidence that those updates will be coming out sooner than later.

For now, let us know in comments if the update is live for you. Windows Central will keep you posted when the other phone updates go live.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Saurabh R. and Viru116, for the tips!

*Although the Lumia 830 ships with a version of Denim, it still needs an OS bump to 14226 in order to enable Lumia Camera 5.0

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