Windows 10 with Cortana

Windows 10 may be available in India and nearly 200 other countries around the world today, but its Cortana digital assistant won't be launched in that country immediately, according to a Microsoft executive.

The Times of India said:

"Microsoft, which unveiled its much-awaited Windows 10 operating system globally and in-built Cortana today, has held back from launching the Siri's (Apple) rival in India. "Cortana will be made available to Insiders (developers with Microsoft) in the coming weeks and then later to consumers," Microsoft India director (Windows Business Group) Vineet Durani told PTI."

"People can use use 'virtual assistant' Cortana to find data, track information, set reminders, etc. "Cortana is not just an assistant. It understands the context and answers accordingly. It is not just about understanding accents. So, there is a strong localization that needs to be done," he said."

Cortana is available for Windows 10 users immediately in the US, the UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Source: Times of India