Spice and SRS Cinemas

Spice Cinemas and SRS Cinemas, two leading multiplex chains in India, have released their mobile ticketing apps for Windows Phone last month. The apps allow you to check show times, choose your seats, and buy tickets with several payment options. All handy features when you are on the run.

Both the apps are published by Bigtree Entertainment Private Limited, and is a clone of the BookMyShow app. BookMyShow, a product of the same company, is India’s largest entertainment ticketing service, and has had an app on Windows Phone since forever. Few months back too, a similar app was released for Fun Cinemas, another multiplex chain.

The two apps have identical design, user experience, and functionality as the BookMyShow app and differ only in the color scheme corresponding to the brand identity. Essentially it offers a subset of cinema choices (limited to Spice/Fun/SRS Cinemas) as against BookMyShow’s exhaustive options.

So, while I could already book tickets for a movie at Spice or SRS Cinemas through BookMyShow’s app, the individual apps allow you to book those tickets with similar functionality with no difference in user experience. Not sure if that’s something you’d want.

Essentially, it's a marketing exercise so that people who search for SRS Cinemas or Spice Cinemas in the Store will find a dedicated app versus the more robust BookMyShow. In other words, it's good for the ecosystem but not necessarily for the savvy consumer.

If you wish, you can download the Spice Cinemas app on your Windows Phone 8 device from the Windows Phone Store here or the SRS Cinemas app from here. However, I’d recommend you to stick to the BookMyShow app instead.

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