Nokia Lumia 800 Vodafone

We only recently covered Nokia's statement about sales of the Lumia and what the mission is for the manufacturer, and now we have some indications to back the positive statement published by the company. For starters, we can see in the above shot that Vodafone UK is selling the Lumia 800 (our review) in both black and cyan (pre-order) well enough for them to be sitting in 2nd and 3rd place behind the disappointing iPhone 4S. Not only that but take a look at the customer review rating for the iPhone 4S, and now look at the black Lumia 800.

It's odd to see a Windows Phone top Blackberry handsets, since the RIM corporation is extremely popular with our teenagers for BBM. On the other hand, it's pretty soul destroying for Android with the Samsung Galaxy S II lagging behind. The Dutch carrier, KPN, has the handset up high against the iPhone 4S and Android devices too. The sheer scale of marketing carried out by Nokia appears to be paying off should you take these indicators into consideration.

O2 Germany Lumia 800

In Germany, the Lumia 800 is proving to be popular on O2 (see the shot above) and is beating all other handsets, with the HTC Titan not far behind.  If this information is anything to go by, Nokia were right to be positive in the statement they released, combating analysts who were putting down the launch as not being successful enough. The interest carriers and shops received on launch day was good, and now we have visual confirmation that the Lumia 800 is a popular choice.

Source: Vodafone, KPN, O2 DE, via: WMPU, thank Rohit for the tip!

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