Mix radio

Not only did Nokia update their Music app today with some coveted new features like notifications and the ability to ‘like’ artists, but those 243 million people residing in Indonesia also now get access to Mix Radio starting today.

Mix Radio is Nokia’s free music streaming service that requires no subscription and has no ads. With over 150 playlists prescribed by Nokia’s mixologists, Mix Radio gives users access to more than 18 million songs. Users can then download up to four playlists (eight hours of music) for free offline playback with no interruptions.

In order for Nokia to offer the service in specific regions, deals with a multitude of record labels needed to be hammered out and it’s no easy task. Evidently Nokia was able to signs deals with Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music. Even more interesting is the Finnish phone maker is working on local labels as well, including Aquarius Musikindo, Alfa Records, Digital Chain Maya, e-Motion Entertainment, Gema Nada Pertiwi, GP Records, Indo Semar Sakti, Keci Music, Musica Studio, Musikator, Nagaswara, Sani Music, Seven Music, Trinity Optima Production and Virgo Ramayana.

Mix Radio should have gone live today in Indonesia and users are encouraged to update their Nokia Music app on their Lumia to start enjoying the new feature.

Source: Nokia (Indonesia; translation); Thanks, Pary, for the tip!