Infinity Runner is an endless runner (think Temple Run) played from the first person perspective, and it's heading to Xbox One courtesy of ID@Xbox.

You're charged to escape your own incarceration, dodging obstacles, lasers, airlock pitfalls and various other sci-fi hazards in a claustrophobic space ship setting. The game also sports combat inspired by mixed martial arts (via quick time event) and features narrative and plot elements Temple Run fans may find themselves deprived of.

Oh, and werewolves. In space.

"The Infinity is the largest spaceship ever built by man-kind; flung into the void of space to secure humanity a new home amongst the stars. However, instead of discovering paradise, the inhabitants of The Infinity unlocked the door to a long forgotten nightmare.

Deep inside this leviathan something terrible hunts, out of myth and legend the last werewolf stalks the ship. Infinity Runner centres on a prisoner desperately trying to escape the decaying ship and the clutches of the terror within."

Infinity Runner comes to Xbox One on April 22nd for the price of $6.99£4.99.