We mentioned INRIX Traffic last month (here's our video overview) when it was released over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's a nifty little app to show you where traffic problems are occurring in your area. INRIX Traffic pulls traffic information from commercial fleets, in-dash GPS units and other consumer devices (over 5 billion data sources). INRIX Traffic users also contribute to the data stream by sending anonymous "GPS Speed" data to the INRIX servers which is digested to determine traffic flow.

Well, tomorrow (8/10/2011) INRIX is set to release an update for INRIX Traffic. Version 2.0 will not only tweak things under the hood but also add the following features to the mix.

Traffic Forecasts: Look up to 8 hours ahead to see what you can expect when you hit the road. This features helps drivers determine the best time to leave based on how traffic conditions are expected to impact travel times.

Quick Reporting: Report accidents and police activity along your route to help improve the system's reporting and to help other drivers avoid congestion, save time and travel safely.

Landscape Mode: Now you won't be stuck in the portrait frame of mind. With the update, INRIX Traffic will have landscape support to add to the versatility.

For those already enjoying INRIX Traffic, look for the update sometime tomorrow.   If you need help with avoiding traffic issues, INRIX Traffic is worth checking out.  INRIX Traffic is a free, ad-free app and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.