It was just a few days ago that the official Instagram (beta) app for Windows Phone received another update. At first this looked to be a small, quick big update since there was no changelog accompanied with the update. And the app was updated a few days prior to that with performance improvements and UX refinements. Turns out there was a hidden new feature in the latest update, let’s check it out.

The latest version in the Windows Phone Store is 0.3.1. That’s the update we didn’t see anything new at first. Our friends over at WindowsPhoneItaly did notice something different with this latest update –notification support on the Lock screen.

That’s right, you can now add Instagram (beta) as one of the five apps to display a notification counter on the bottom of your Lock screen. Not a major feature, but one we’re happy to see and point out for those that might like it.

Be sure to pick up the official Instagram app from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: WindowsPhoneItaly

Thanks for the tip guyjkh!

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