6tag Polaroid dark

The popular app 6tag has received yet another update this week, this time adding a few new features to unofficial Instagram client.

It was back in September when developer Rudy Huyn released version 1.4 with the new Modern theme. That theme eventually got an all-black color layout to join the white and mixed selections. Now, version 2.1 finally brings those color choices to ‘Polaroid’, giving fans of the original UI design new color choices.

Those three themes for Polaroid are

  • Light theme
  • Black and white theme
  • Dark theme

The other new change is under the exclusive ‘Nearby’ option, that only 6tag features. Now, users can see distances in miles instead of kilometers, and evidently it is based on your country to make things even easier.

While both changes are technically small, they should go a long way in making users feel even more comfortable with the app.

Pick up 6tag, version 2.1 here in the Store, for Windows Phone 8. Otherwise use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.  Thanks, Arpit M., from our forums!

QR: 6tag