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Though it is most likely Vimeo, Instagram is said to be coming to WP8

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Instagram has been confirmed to be heading for Windows Phone, according to a report by The Verge. We've previously managed to enjoy third-party alternatives due to no official app being available for Windows Phone consumers, which is until the Instagram team decided to destroy all hopes by denying developers the ability to include upload functionality into their apps. We've continued to sit tight and hope for a speedy arrival of an official offering.

The service is already available on iOS and Android, leaving Windows Phone in the dark for now. But what's kicking this news off? A Nokia PureMotion video reportedly featured an Instagram Live Tile that appeared to show comment and like counters (see above / below). While no information has been released surrounding Instagram for Windows Phone, we find it hard to believe this would be an exclusive for Nokia Lumia smartphones when it eventually arrives on the Marketplace.

The Verge notes that it could well be the Vimeo app in the video (afterall, Nokia has a special-edition of Vimeo on the way), but they note they've managed to get confirmation on Instagram indeed heading to Windows Phone. (The Verge maintains an 84% accuracy rating on Tracour). This is not news by any means as we've been waiting for an official app to arrive - there's little doubt that Instagram will eventually be available for Windows Phone. The question is when. Excited to see an official Instagram app on the platform? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Source: The Verge