Instagram is taking a double shot at safety with a couple of updates to its platform. The company announced today (via TechCrunch) that it will soon start blurring photos in your feed that have been deemed "sensitive."


Nudity is already prohibited by Instagram, so the blurring it plans to start doing will apply to photos that, while they don't violate guidelines, may be considered risqué nonetheless. Instagram says photos will only be blurred if they've been reported by users and a review team has determined them to be sensitive. If you come across a blurred photo in your feed, all you have to do is tap it to see its contents.

In addition, account security is getting a boost from two-factor authentication, which is now rolling out to everyone. This features has been available in a limited fashion for a bit, but it should be available to all shortly. You'll find the option as a toggle inside of the app's settings. Switch it on and anyone trying to log into your account will have to enter a security code as well.

The two-factor authentication toggle has already been present in the Windows app for some time, so that should only require a switch to be flipped on Instagram's end for you to see the setting. As for photo blurring, it's unclear if that will come with an update or if it simply needs to be toggled by the folks at Instagram. In either case, you should start seeing these changes relatively soon.

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