Instagram is taking another page from the Snapchat playbook by copping another one of its more popular features, Face Filters. While the augmented reality (AR) filters are only rolling out now to Instagram users on Android and iOS, Instagram has done a pretty good job of keeping its Windows 10 PC and Mobile app at feature parity, and it's near-certain Face Filters will eventually make their way there as well.

So what are Face Filters? Basically, they let you add a goofy twist to faces in photos and videos with virtual glasses, crowns, beards and much, much more. If you've ever used Snapchat before, you're more than likely familiar with its Lenses, which are essentially the same thing. With Snapchat refusing to launch an app for Windows 10 Mobile, however, Instagram can easily fill that niche.

A few other little tidbits coming to Instagram include a new "Rewind" feature in the camera, which does exactly what it says on the tin; an interactive, customizable hashtag sticker for photos; and a new eraser brush has been added to the photo drawing tools.

Again, all of these features are only now rolling out to Android and iOS, but it's more than likely we'll see them hit Instagram for Windows 10 PC and Mobile relatively soon. We'll bring you more once they are.

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