It’s been awhile in the making but Instagraph, the first Instagram uploader for Windows Phone, has just received a pretty hefty update, which also brings support for Windows Phone 7.x users.

Version 1.4.3 is now live in the Store for all devices and has been dropped in price to just $0.99. We should also mention that there are no longer any limits on uploads anymore, making this a good option for many users who want a “legal” way to upload pics to Instagram.

Other new features with this update include:

  • unlimited uploads +  0.99$ for wp7 version too
  • new crop page (without border limits, so you can zoom-out and create borders :)
  • three new Aviary filters unlocked : brightness, contrast, saturation
  • revised ToS ;)
  • added Metrogram as preferred companion app (on about page) => intercommunication will start from next update :)
  • bug fix on queue time
  • new "uploading" icon (on queue page)
  • appbar icon for opening Insta webpage
  • text/syntax  corrections
  • toggle all "ON" or "OFF" on the same "side" (settings page)

Those are some significant changes and while there is still no trial version, $0.99 for an app that is confirmed to work on uploads and should be around for quite some time. You can pick up Instagraph for all Windows Phones here in the Store.

QR: Instagraph