Instagraph Instagram client for Windows Phone 8

What’s that? We almost went a day without discussing the Windows Phone unofficial Instagram app, Instagraph? We’ll fix that by mentioning how it has been, well, fixed.

We reported yesterday that there were two issues affecting users, including a placeholder image being occasionally used in place of a submitted photo and long delays in publishing. Luckily, both issues have seemingly been fixed as queuing for uploads has been reduced to less than 5 minutes (from our experience) and the placeholder posting bug was also squashed.

We’re still not out of the woods yet, though. Until more servers are brought online, the developers have hidden the app on the Store in order to manage user demand. They will re-open it in the coming days and weeks as they get more hardware.

There's even more good news: we’re hearing that for everyone’s trouble, people who bought into the service they will be rewarded in some fashion, and from the ideas we’ve heard it should quell a lot of users as the company tries to make things right.

Finally, a new version with “some stylistic and the incorrect queue time fixes” is about to be submitted to Microsoft, and of course, the enrollment option is practically done now (though it won’t go live until server capacity is brought up). We recently teased that feature on, appropriately, our Instagram account.

Stay tuned for more and for current Instagraph users, how are your uploads going?