With the launch yesterday of Instagraph, the unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone, some issues were to be expected—after all, this isn’t just a simple Instagram posting app. Indeed, there are two big complaints right now including delays in posting images and having the wrong image posted instead of the user's own.

Despite some ramblings on the internet it’s not other people’s images that are being accidentally posted by Instagraph, but a demo one, which while annoying is not as sensational as some have made it. The problem was server-side, has been patched and will be back online in the next 12-24 hours (maybe sooner).

In the meantime, the link to the Store has been disabled and the developer has asked us to not promote it until they're back up and running. Once the server comes back, all pending uploads will be given priority and processed to be posted.

As to delays, obviously on the first day there would be a lot of users hammering the servers, and until things even out and server capacity meets demand there could be some slowed processing. In the long run though that should be a minor issue and chalked up to growing pains. We’ll revisit the service in a few days to see if things have improved.