The home automation hardware and software company INSTEON has announced that its recently released Windows Phone app will soon add integration with Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant that made its debut earlier this year with Windows Phone 8.1.

INSTEON released the Windows Phone app in June, which allows users to control the company's home automation hardware remotely, with the goal of saving energy as well as making a home more secure.

INSTEON offers a few examples of how Cortana could be used with its app. It says that it will allow users to ask Cortana "to dim the lights for movie time based on specially created scenes" or to "instruct the thermostat to reduce the temperature at 6 pm to ensure that the house is cool upon returning home from work".

If a Windows Phone user is on an extended trip away, he or she will be able to speak into their Windows Phone and ask Cortana to make sure that their home's doors and windows are all locked up. Joe Dada the CEO of INSTEON, stated:

Using Cortana to control our products is the next logical step as our relationship with Microsoft continues to evolve, Our long-term goal is to give users complete autonomy over their homes and smart products. Adding a voice-driven, personal assistant into the mix is just another way that we can make people's lives easier.

There's no specific release date yet for the Cortana-INSTEON team up. What do you think about a voice controlled assistant that helps to handle your home's security and energy use?