4th Mayor Social Checkin

Enjoy checking in when out and about? If so, you're likely a Foursquare user. 4th & Mayor is a premium experience wrapped up in an unofficial app. The third-party app is also ahead of the official client in terms of functionality, especially with the release of the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. You can now integrate 4th & Mayor (Foursquare) into the Windows Phone Me tile with the new Social Extension app.

Should you be rocking the Preview for Developers and have both these apps installed, you'll be able to integrate 4th & Mayor directly into the Me tile's location "check in" function. All that's required is to download and install the social extension app. It creates a super-convenient way to check in and keep any stalkers up-to-date with your current whereabouts.

As a quick side note, 4th & Mayor has been bumped to version 3.19, which addresses some crash issues.

via: Windows Phone Daily

QR: 4th & Mayor

QR: Social Extension 4th & Mayor