Surface Pro

We know Microsoft is holding a Surface media event on May 20 in New York, but we're not entirely sure what will be announced. We're set to see the company's first Surface 'Mini' tablet, but more evidence has surfaced, leading to believe that a new Intel-based Surface Pro will be unveiled as well. Microsoft may have inadvertently confirmed this in a support article published yesterday on the company website.

While CNET reported that plans are in place for Intel to be more involved with Microsoft's Surface, the support article in question states that a fresh update for Windows 8.1 "adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera." Now this could be a minor error on Microsoft's part for releasing this information and we could be seeing a new Intel-based tablet next week, or it could be a simple typo. Either way, we're set to see some Surface action in due course.

We'll have more details next week at the event, but would you be interested in a Surface Pro 3, should one be unveiled?

Source: Microsoft, via: The Verge (Thanks, @NotCassim, for the screenshot)

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