Say what you will about Microsoft – and you can say a lot – but the company is certainly trying all avenues to find its way in 2014 and 2015. Whether it is acquiring a phone division for hardware, merging its operating systems, streamlining the workforce for quicker responses or putting 'One' everywhere, the company is trying to reinvent itself for the modern consumer.

A new poster purported to be circulating inside Microsoft, features some new tag lines linked to ' Threshold,' the major revamp of Windows due next spring. Threshold is Microsoft rebooting the much-maligned Windows 8 OS to bring it back to desktop users and tone down the radically forward-thinking UI changes that Sinofsky wrought.

Obtained by re/code, Kara Swisher calls them "touchy-feely tags" possibly used for testing. In other words, these may be lines used in commercials or added to advertisements when Threshold finally debuts. However, Threshold is still months away, so any look this early into the marketing angle is certainly premature. It is clear though that Microsoft is going for a more organic, 'personal' approach this time around, and it will be interesting to see if they can convince users – and the rest of the world – that Windows is still relevant in 2015.

Windows Threshold should also see a closer merging between Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows desktop and even the Xbox One. Everything from universal notifications, to a Cortana app to a revamped Start screen is on the table. Previews of Threshold may begin as early as this fall.

Source: Re/code