An anonymous tipster has sent in some screen shots and impressions of the upcoming Internet Explorer 6 browser that's coming to Windows Mobile in the very near future, the vaunted '6 on 6.' The bad news -- it's not at all clear that Microsoft will make this an independently-available download. We do know for sure that it will be baked-into the ROMs of many future smartphones. That leads us to the good news -- the screenshots we have here are from an upcoming WinMo device. Square Screen, 320x320 resolution, and the black theme are your clues as to what we're looking at (Yes, we have a guess).

The tipster sends these impressions along with the images: It's not going to bowl anybody over, not nearly impressive enough to replace either SkyFire or Opera Mobile 9.5. It's not all that much faster than the current generation of IE on Windows Mobile, though the added zooming functions are nice. Flash lite is here and works well (minus a few memory errors), though you're not going to enjoy videos much when you're zoomed-out.

You can set the browser to identify either as mobile (so you get served mobile pages by sites that auto-detect) or as desktop (so you get the full pages) and instead of a simple 'zoom out' feature as currently exists on WM6.1 there's a separate “Zoom / Panning Mode” for getting around.

After the break, we make with the screenshots and also toss in a couple of our own showing the current-gen IE from a Treo Pro for comparison.

6 on 6

Old School IE