Leda Entertainment has a breakout styled game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. InterSceptre is a simple yet competitive game that has you trying to blast your way through your opponents wall while defending yours from attack.

You use your ship not only to shoot holes in your opponents wall but also to bounce your opponents shots back at them. Using their shots against them so to speak.

Fire controls are hidden in the lower right corner of your screen and your movement controls (left/right) are in the lower left corner. You can modify the control placements slightly by placing movement controls to the left and right edge, with firing done by tapping anywhere on the playing field.

InterSceptre is a fast paced game with a bit of challenge to it. I would have liked to have seen the accelerometer come into play. InterSceptre was originally released without a trial version but the developers have since made a free trial version available.  The full version of InterSceptre is still running $1.29.

You can find InterSceptre here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.