In Two

If you're not familiar with In Two, it's a unique song and artist guessing game that utilises the Nokia Music service. Developed by Scott Lovegrove, an update has been pushed to the store that bundles numerous fixes alongside a few enhancements. Let's jump right in and see what's new in version

Here are all the fixes that are included in the release:

  • Improvements made to the answer checking
  • Alignment of guess boxes now lines up with album cover art
  • Ad removal text now shows the price (for UK)
  • An error occurs on startup if no data downloaded
  • Most recent scores not showing if playing for fun (not sending to scoreoid)
  • Track now stops if you try speaking your answers
  • Corrects a problem if trying to use an unsupported language for speech recognition

As for the enhancements, you are now able to share your score with Mehdoh, request a hint in-game that will show the album art, and have In Two launched from other apps. Pretty neat. You can download In Two from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only - free to donwload, ad-supported with option to upgrade).

QR: In Two