We just finished the iPhone 3G Live Blog over at our sister site, theiPhoneBlog.com. The big news for Windows Mobile users is twofold:

  1. There was plenty of Windows Mobile mockery to be had. Most especially, they made fun of the Task Manager. The iPhone's solution is to offer a push notification feature to all developers in place of background tasks. While we here at WMExperts think that true multitasking is probably still a better way to go, we are a little jealous of the ability to have any developer be able to push out notifications for IM, Tweets, or whatever.
  2. The iPhone 2.0 software is coming soon and it's going to drive a much bigger wedge in the Enterprise Smartphone space than we'd previously thought. We already knew that the new software will offer Exchange push email support. It's not as good as what's available natively on Windows Mobile, but it might be 'good enough.' The bigger news, though, is that 35% of the Fortune 500 companies took part in the SDK Beta program. That's a lot of big companies giving serious consideration to full iPhone support.

We'll add one more - Apple beat Microsoft to the punch as far as offering “Exchange services for the rest of us.” Their new MobileMe, while poorly named, is full push email, contacts, and calendar for Joe User. Sure, it's $100 bucks a year (ouch!), but it's getting to market before Microsoft was able to integrate and utilize the services they acquired by buying Danger.

What do you think? Do the new iPhone software services and features pose a more serious threat to Windows Mobile than they did before?