Lumia 630 and 520

A judge for the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled today that Microsoft's smartphones, formerly made by Nokia, infringe on two patents owned by a company called InterDigital.

In his ruling, Judge Theodore Essex wrote that U.S. Patents 7,190,966 and 7,286,847, which relate to wireless cellular technologies, were being violated by Microsoft's smartphones. The devices were first made by Nokia and were the subject of a patent complaint by InterDigital that was filed in 2013. Microsoft has since taken over Nokia's Devices and Services division.

Judge Essex added that "public interest does not preclude issuance of an exclusion order." That means the ITC could rule that all of Microsoft's smartphones that violate InterDigital's patents could be banned from import into the United States. However, the full ITC board must rule on the judge's decision; they may decide an import ban is not needed. Microsoft has yet to comment on the judge's decision.

Source: Street Insider