HTC not infringing on patents, ITC rules

The United States International Trade Commission ruled in favor of HTC in a battle over intellectual property with FlashPoint Technology.  FlashPoint filed suit with the ITC earlier this year, claiming that cameras on some HTC Android and Windows Phone devices infringed on patents held by FlashPoint, a former subsidiary of Apple.  A trade commission judge decided back in July that this was not the case, and rest of the commission agrees.  The official ruling on the case said:

"The Commission has determined to affirm the judge’s determination of no violation of Section 337 with respect to the ’769 patent on the bases that (1) the accused HTC Android smartphones and the accused HTC Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones do not infringe the ’769 patent, and (2) respondent has established that it has an implied license to practice the ’769 patent with respect to the accused WP7 smartphones."

FlashPoint Technology has made similar claims against Nokia, RIM and LG under a different patent, but those were settled before a ruling took place.  HTC is no stranger to getting sued over intellectual property, having fought a long battle with Apple, who they in turn filed a countersuit against.  This is just one more intellectual property battle in what has become an ugly and all-too-familar sight.

Source: US International Trade Commission; Via: The Register