We've been following the development of Itsdagram for a while now with the developer throwing out numerous updates for the private beta. The app has finally made it to the Windows Phone Store and now consumers can enjoy the Instagram experience. 

If you're not up-to-date with what Itsdagram features in terms of functionality, here's what's on the table:

  • Notifications – Lockscreen (icon and detailed info), Toast and Live Tile for comments and likes
  • Social integration – You can now login with Twitter and Facebook accounts for auto-sharing
  • Delete photos
  • Create new account
  • Search for friends – Go through your contacts to find and follow people you know
  • Full commenting, following, liking enabled
  • Activity screen – Single list-view of all notifications (new follows, likes and comments)

Sounds pretty good, right? We'd definitely recommend checking it out. Do note that Itsdagram is currently in beta and problems could occur, so be sure to be cautious if purchasing today. You can download Itsdagram from the Windows Phone for $1.49 (Windows Phone 8 only - WP7 version in the works).

Update: We just received word from the developer that due to a few missing features and bugs, Itsdagram was pulled.  Nothing nefarious, just a few beta issues to be ironed out.

QR: Itsdagram