Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client

It looks like demand for Itsdagram, the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone, is quite high as the app has raced to the #1 paid spot in the US over the weekend (it’s #15 in the UK where Londoners are not as hip, evidently). That’s all before the release of the free, ad-supported version, expected in the near future.

The app fetches for $1.49 and on the first day had nearly 12,000 downloads. We’re sure that number has only increased in the proceeding days, especially with the rapid bug fix update that helped stabilized logins.

Itsdagram beta
#1 app in the US; new v1.2 changes on the way

Speaking of updates, users in the beta program received an update last night to address some lingering issues (Tip: if you’re having trouble with notifications, uninstall, reboot and reinstall). Some of those fixes, destined for version 1.2 (and pictured above), include:

  • Your follower/following counts under your profile
  • Make your profile public/private
  • Accept/deny requests
  • Fix registration                                  
  • UI change: Moved poster's name above image, caption below
  • UI change: Make caption part of image

Other fixes on the way consist of fix for 'Find Friends' (sometimes they fail to retrieve info), the black-background issue for certain comments, repeat notifications and more.

We’ll of course keep you updated on any new updates when the go live. How’s Itsdagram been treating you so far? Let us know in comments!

If you haven’t tried Itsdagram, you can pick it up here in the Store. Currently Windows Phone 8 only.

QR: Itsdagram