Speaking of East-Asian languages...here's one that is only Japanese, which is probably confusing a lot of our readers who are probably none-too fluent in that language. The app is called 'Wakamurasaki 'and is a 2Ch.net reader (found here).

It's not the app per se that's interesting, but rather the fact that it seems to violate Marketplace app requirements that state an application must support one of the five languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. This is from section 4.4 which states "An application must be localized in at least one of the supported application languages for Windows Phone Marketplace.".

Evidently, using the phrase "Attention: This application is displayed in Japanese" on the app is what is creating the loophole.

Why that's interesting is because it means basically developers may be able to submit apps with specific, currently non-supported languages to the Marketplace, giving an interesting "work around" until official support comes down the road. As far as the font goes, we're told it's using a freely redistributable Japanese True-Type font called "MigMix", which is including in the XAP. Very cool.

Of course this raises the question: is this truly a loophole in the Marketplace or just a fluke? Only one way to find out we suppose...

Big thanks to tezawaly, from Nanapho.jp, for the all the information