The folks from the WMExperts Accessory Store just let us know that they now have the Jawbone 2 in stock for $129.95. So we scurried off and grabbed one to give you an unboxing. Expect a full review in the coming week!

Here's the short version: boy is it smaller than the first version! The earhook is much more comfortable (and leather-wrapped) and though the instructions don't really suggest it, it does appear like it's possible to use this without it. The spring on the earhook isn't as ear-bendingly strong, either, so you'll need to make sure the vibration “button” is in contact with your skin. The charging connecter is a neat little magnetic affair (though we'd prefer standard mini or micro usb oursevles).

Otherwise: smaller, lighter, better-looking, awesome. Getcher pics after the break.

Again, that full review with the deets on its noise cancellation chops next week, but here's our original Jawbone review (with rocking noise cancellation, literally) as a refresher.