This browser comes from Bangalore, from a company calles Jataayu (no, I don't know how to pronounce that, ethnocentric git that I am, but my best guess is that it rhymes with Atreyu). The browser is called jB5, and it uses something called "Adaptive Rendering Technology" (ART) to fit pages to your screen.

The linked page is their attempt at making a community site, but you can also download the WM5 Beta there as well. And by "Beta", I think they mean "It will start on your Treo 750v, but then immediately close after the splash screen." Beta, indeed.

jB5, our truly mobile web browser, is architected to extend the excellence of our earlier WAP1x and WAP2 browsers to the HTML world.
It's great, it's available for WinMobile SP and Symbian plaforms. Check out the Beta versions.

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