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JDB Facebook and Social Scout Windows Phone apps (both from JDB Pocketware) have been around for some time now.  The two apps helped Windows Phone users keep track of all their Facebook updates and explore the location related side of Facebook.

The most recent updates ( version 1.6.7 for JDB Facebook and version 1.4.1 for Social Scout) provides deep integration that allows the two apps to work more as one in that you can launch Social Scout from within the JDB Facebook app.

JDB Facebook and Social Scout
JDB Facebook and Social Scout

With the deeper integration, location notifications will be seen on the Facebook app as well as the Social Scout app.  A fourth notification icon has been added to the JDB Facebook Notification Bar that will alert you of Social Scout notifications.  Just tap that icon and Social Scout will launch.

In addition to the deeper integration, the update adds:

  • Customizable buttons bar
  • Support for chat stickers
  • Hi-resolution thumbnails for places and friends on Social Scout
  • Improved Chat feature

Both JDB Facebook and Social Scout are available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  Both are free and you can find each through the following links and QR Tags to the Windows Phone Store.

JDB Facebook

Social Scout

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