JDB Pocketware, the developer behind HandyScan and 7Dialer, has updated their SkyManager app.  SkyManager is a Windows Phone app that offers an decent alternative means to access and manage your SkyDrive account.

The version 1.5 update brings a few new features to the mix, notably the ability to upload files to your SkyDrive account in the background. You also have a new sharing option to post images to Facebook and the ability to pick a SkyDrive folder when uploading via picture>share.

SkyManager Screens

There are also a few bug fixes with the version 1.5 update that includes fixing the app freeze-ups when sliding pictures.

There are two versions of SkyManager available in the Windows Phone Store. You have SkyManager Free (left QR Code) which is ad-supported and has some functionality limitations. Then there is the full version of SkyManager (right QR Code) which is currently running $2.99 with a trial version available. SkyManager is compatible with both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

QR: Skymanager Free and Paid