If you are giving presents to your loved ones for the holidays, make sure they are gifts the person really wants. That's the lesson in a new series of funny TV ads from UK-based Currys PC World that feature Jurassic Park and Independence Day actor Jeff Goldblum. One of them focuses on Microsoft's Surface tablet line.

The ad features a family at home for Christmas, where the husband gives his wife a jigsaw puzzle, to her obvious disappointment. Goldblum then enters the house and conducts a quick acting lesson where he plays the wife, only he acts as if he is getting a Surface tablet instead of a puzzle. The reaction he gives obviously pleases the husband, perhaps to an extreme.

It's certainly one of the more unique Surface commercials we have seen, and Goldblum is his usual eccentric self. You can also see some outtakes from that ad, and the other Currys PC World commercials from Goldblum, at the retail's YouTube channel.

Thanks to Chris for the tip!

Source: Currys PC World (YouTube)