XIMAD has developed some interesting Windows Phone games such as Pandas vs. Ninjas, Bubble Birds and De-Bugs. Add Jewel Tower to the XIMAD's list of entertaining, somewhat addictive gaming lineup.

In just looking at the screen shots you would think Jewel Tower is another Tetris styled game. Well... it is in a manner of speaking but in reverse.

Where a Tetris styled game has you stack odd shaped pieces to form nice and neat, complete rows that will disappear and help avoid your overall stack reach the top of the screen; Jewel Tower has you stacking these oddly shaped pieces to build rows however you can to reach certain height goals.

Each level has you construct the Jewel Tower of a given height by placing the blocks on top of each other. You are limited on the number of blocks you have to work with and with Jewel Tower gravity works so you'll have to make sure everything is nice and balanced.  If you're not careful unbalanced blocks will topple off the tower and fall out of play.

You manipulate the blocks (rotation and side-to-side movement) by virtual buttons that appear on the bottom of the screen. You can you finger gestures also to move the pieces horizontally or with a downwards swipe to speed things up.  After each level you earn diamonds which can be spent to buy more attempts at a level or unlock extra levels.

Game play was simply, yet challenging. Surprisingly, the urge to fit the pieces together to create nice and even rows (much like Tetris) is a little difficult to overcome. All in all, Jewel Tower by XIMAD is a fun, entertaining game for your Windows Phone.

Jewel Tower is a free, ad-support game and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.