windows 10

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has just announced that the company's Windows Insider program now has over one million people signed up to test the recently launched Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Belfiore wrote in a blog post, "Over 200,000 pieces of user-initiated feedback have been submitted to us via the Windows Feedback app from Windows Insiders like you." 64 percent of all Windows 10 preview installations have been directly on a PC while the remaining 36 percent are used on virtual machines. He added:

"Another indicator that we have solid usage is the number of app-launches that happen on a device. 68% of you are launching more than 7 apps/day, and some people are using it even more heavily. We have seen about 25% of devices running the Windows 10 Technical Preview launching more than 26 apps per day, and 5% launching a whopping 68 apps per day!"

Belfiore also stated that a new build of the preview is "coming soon" but did not offer a specific date. Do you think that having over a million people testing the early version of Windows 10 is a lot at this stage?

Source: Windows blog