Joe Belfiore

You may recall the media reporting that Microsoft was looking to purchase Nokia and then we covered well-respected Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, which detailed a rather bleak picture regarding Nokia. If that wasn't enough already, Nokia's board of directors were rumoured to have been summoned to Finland and Joe Belfiore was even seen wandering around Nokia's campus while on vacation. 

We didn't look too much into Belfiore's visit as it could well be regarding the rather important relationship Microsoft and Nokia share when it comes to Windows Phone and we can imagine the VP and manager of Windows Phone having to pop in once in a while. That said, it was touched on that Belfiore could well be serving as a type of guidance to the Nokia board.

Today, Mr Belfiore tweeted out the following:

This pretty much confirms what we wrote in our previous article. Joe and co. looking to make some cool new hardware with an explosive combination when paired with the Windows Phone OS. 


Temple Run install fix in the works

Temple Run

Do you own a Windows Phone with 512MB of RAM? Are you experiencing issues when attempting to install Temple Run on the device? Fear not as there's an update reportedly in the works. Joe Belfiore sent out a follow-up tweet to the one above. "Folks hitting the Temple Run install problems on 512MB phones-- the store team is working with imangi to get this addressed.  Sorry!" No word on an ETA or what's causing the problem, but it's good to know a fix is in the works.

Source: Twitter (1) (2); thanks, Mujassar , for the tip!