joe belfiore

Joe Belfiore, the VP of Microsoft's operating system division, claims in a new interview that the company has "made a lot of progress" in closing the so-called "app gap" for the number of Windows Phone applications compared to the library of iOS and Android apps.

Speaking to during this week's TechEd Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain, Belfiore is quoted as saying that the Windows Phone app situation "continues to get better and better". He added:

"We have heard from a lot of people that get Windows phones that they're satisfied. If you're a super high-end early adopter of apps, it's probably not the best platform choice for you, but if you're not ... we see tons of people who are highly satisfied with it. As Windows 8.1 in general increases its volume, we see more and more software developers getting engaged on that platform, and that addresses the app gap.

Belfiore didn't want to talk about Microsoft's upcoming launch of Windows 10 a lot, which will be made to work on both mobile and PC devices. He did say that Microsoft's efforts to promote the development of universal apps will be a major help for Windows Phone, especially for the corporate IT crowd as more and more business PCs upgrade to Windows 8.1 and eventually Windows 10. He stated that, " ... Windows Phone will be a great choice for you to keep considering because of the fact that you can leverage apps - as IT - right across all those devices."

If you own a Windows Phone device, are you happy with the selection of apps or is there still too big of an "app gap" compared to Android and iOS?