microsoft band windows phone

Microsoft Windows VP Joe Belfiore was not directly involved in the creation of the newly launched Microsoft Band health and fitness device, but he stated today that his team did have a hand in adding Cortana support to the product for Windows Phone handsets.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, Belfiore wrote, " ... my team collaborated w/ MSBand team to put Cortana on the Band for WP users with Cortana. :)." In a follow up post, he wrote, "The Band requires WP8.1 OS-- so you can either install Preview for Developers or wait for the formal Cyan/WP8.1 update."

He also answered some more general questions about the Microsoft Band, including one about why the company is launching the device in the US first. He wrote, "We're starting out in the US to learn and get feedback for a little while. Definitely stay tuned!." He added, " ... we're talking to a number of potential partners on getting their apps connected—stay tuned here as well." As far as full third party access to the Microsoft Band, Belfiore stated, "#MSBand not YET open to 3rd party devs... but the team is working on that for a future update. I don't know timing."

Stay tuned as we will have a lot more coverage on the Microsoft Band today and in the days to come. If you live in the US, did you go to your local Microsoft Store location to purchase the Microsoft Band?

Source: Joe Belfiore (Twitter}