The Microsoft Lumia 950 is now hitting the streets today in the U.S. and soon elsewhere in the world. There are likely a lot of questions that you have about the device that maybe we didn't cover in our exhaustive review. If that is the case, we have a solution, our very own AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Starting at 4 PM ET and going through the weekend I'll be taking questions about the new Microsoft Lumia 950 in our forums.

How do you participate? Simple, just hop into the thread linked below, and if you are registered to comment on Windows Central, you are registered to comment in our forums.

I do advise you skim what other questions people have posted to avoid asking the same one again. While I won't be 'live' responding all night or all weekend, I will pop in every few hours and try to answer what I can!

AMA with Daniel Rubino: Everything Lumia 950 – Windows Central Forums

So jump in and let's get started! And give a special thanks to our volunteer moderators for making this happen and keeping our forums the best around! (Remember, do not ask your question in comments for this post, we're only doing this in the forums!)

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