Windows 10 is finally a real, proper thing that is going to be rolling out to the world starting today. Some of you are eagerly awaiting your upgrades, some have been playing with it for a while and some are waiting it out. There are also a number of you going to various launch parties around the world being thrown by Microsoft. Indeed, we're going to be at events in Delhi, London and New York City ourselves.

We're setting up a giant thread in the forums for everyone to jump into and pass the time as launch day comes and goes. If you're at one of the launch parties, jump in and tell us what's going on, leave the rest of us some pictures of the festivities. If you're updated, waiting to update, holding out or just want to chew the fat, come on in, everyone's welcome.

Throughout the day someone from Mobile Nations will be jumping in and giving away some prizes, but you'll have to be there to find out what and get a chance to win.

So come on in! Let's make it one big Windows 10 launch day to remember!

The Windows Central Windows 10 tailgate party in the forums