30 Days of Juicing

_30_Days_of_Juicing is a Windows Phone fitness app that guides you through a thirty day program that gradually incorporates high-nutrient ingredients into your diet into juice drinks. The idea being that if you slowly start adding vegetables in with fruits, you will develop an appetite for vegetables.

Even if you don't begin craving vegetables, _30_Days_of_Juicing (yes, the dashes are in the title) offers a wide range of nutritious juice drinks. It falls a little short on tracking the 30 day program but it's a nice reference app to help establish good nutrition during fitness month and beyond.

The app has two options from the main page, read the about screen and launch the program.  Each day has a juice recipe and it looks like around Day Six, vegetables start showing up in the mix.

30 Days of Juicing

_30_Days_of_Juicing has potential but needs a little work. While the recipes include the ingredients they lack any preparation directions. Granted most can guess that you throw everything in a blender like the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer (just like the one Georgia uses) but you never know.

You do have thirty days worth of juice drinks but the app won't remember your progress. So when you're on day twelve, you have to scroll through the first eleven days. If you start the program mid-month and lose track of which day you're on, it could cause problems.

As is, I'm not sure how well _30_Days_of_Juicing is as a nutritional program app but it seems to be a nice reference app if you're looking for a juice drink recipe.

_30_Days_of_Juicing is a free, ad supported app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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