Julie Larson Green 

We’re getting closer and closer to the closing of the Microsoft and Nokia deal. Besides buying Nokia’s handset division, one big change is that Nokia’s Stephen Elop will return to Microsoft as an executive vice president. He’ll take over the Devices and Services division, which Julie Larson-Green is currently in charge of. We haven’t known what’s next for Julie within Microsoft, but now we do. And it looks to be a bit of a demotion.

Thanks to an email from Julie Larson-Green, obtained by GeekWire, we now know what her next position at Microsoft will be. She’ll be moving to a new role within the Applications and Servers Group (ASG).

While head of the Devices and Services division at Microsoft, Julie led oversaw a few product launches a lot of you care about. Her team was responsible for hardware like the Xbox and Surface, in addition to overseeing Microsoft Studios and the various games it develops.

She won’t be leading ASG, but will be instead become chief experience offer. ASG includes products and teams like Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Lync, Skype, Bing, Bing Apps, MSN and Microsoft’s advertising platform. As chief experience offer, she’ll be reporting to Qi Lu, the division’s executive vice president.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the Devices and Services division is without an executive vice president. She’ll remain leader until the Microsoft-Nokia deal closes and Stephen Elop can take over. The deal is expected to close this quarter.  

Head to GeekWire to read the full email sent out by Julie.

Source: GeekWire